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 This Is An AFTERMARKET PRODUCT , NOT OEM , Though Aftermarket Products Matches and sometimes Exceed the quality and performance of OEM Parts We Ship from the USA , Warehouses Located in MN , FL , CA , PA ,TX And CANADA 

 The Product You Are Buying is :

 Quality Tractor Lube Filter OF5206, 74036791 Baldwin /strong>

Match The Following OEM Part Numbers :

 74036791 Baldwin

Technical Data :


Work On Several Tractors Model As Following : 

Case Inter Harvester - 9150 Caterpillar - 112 Motor Grader, 112E Motor Grader, 112F Motor Grader, 120 Motor Grader, 120B Motor Grader, 120E Motor Grader, 120G Motor Grader, 120H Motor Grader, 12E Motor Grader, 12G Motor Grader, 12H Motor Grader, 130G Motor Grader, 135H Motor Grader, 140 Motor Grader, 140B Motor Grader, 140G Motor Grader, 140H Motor Grader, 140M Motor Grader, 143H Motor Grader, 14E Motor Grader, 14G Motor Grader, 14H Motor Grader, 160G Motor Grader, 160H Motor Grader, 163H Motor Grader, 213B Excavator, 214B Excavator, 214BFT Excavator, 215 Excavator, 215B Excavator, 215B LC Excavator, 215C Excavator, 215D Excavator, 219 Excavator, 219D Excavator, 224B Excavator, 225 Excavator, 225B Excavator, 225D Excavator, 229 Excavator, 229D Excavator, 235 Excavator, 235B Excavator, 235C Excavator, 235D Excavator, 3046 Eng, 3054 Eng, 3056E Eng, 3066 Eng, 311 Excavator, 3114 Eng, 3116 Eng, 311B Excavator, 311C Excavator, 311D Excavator, 312 Excavator, 3126 Eng, 3126B Eng, 312B Excavator, 312C Excavator, 312D Excavator, 314C Excavator, 314D Excavator, 315C Excavator, 315D Excavator, 318C Excavator, 319C Excavator, 319D Excavator, 320 Excavator, 320B Excavator, 320C Excavator, 320C Swing Machine, 320D Excavator, 320L Excavator, 320N Excavator, 320S Excavator, 320U Excavator, 321B Excavator, 321C Excavator, 321D Excavator, 322 Excavator, 322B Excavator, 322C Excavator, 322C Swing Machine, 322L Excavator, 322N Excavator, 323D Excavator, 324D Excavator, 324D FM Swing Machine, 325 Excavator, 325B Excavator, 325C Excavator, 325C Swing Machine, 325D Excavator, 325L Excavator, 328D LCR Excavator, 330 Excavator, 3304 Eng, 3306 Eng, 3306B Eng, 330B Excavator, 330L Excavator, 3406 Eng, 3406B Eng, 350B Excavator, 515 Skidder, 517 Skidder, 518 Series II Skidder, 518 Skidder, 518C Skidder, 525 Skidder, 525B Skidder, 525C Skidder, 527 Skidder, 528 Skidder, 528B Skidder, 530B Skidder, 533 Feller Buncher, 535B Skidder, 535C Skidder, 539 Knuckle Boom Loader, 543 Feller Buncher, 545 Skidder, 545C Skidder, 550 Harvester, 561C Crawler, 561D Crawler, 561M Crawler, 561N Crawler, 570 Harvester, 570B Harvester, 571F Crawler, 571G Crawler, 572F Crawler, 572G Crawler, 572R Crawler, 574 Forwarder, 580 Harvester, 580B Harvester, 58H, 611 Scraper, 613B Scraper, 613C Scraper, 613C Series II Scraper, 615 Tractor, 615C Scraper, 615C Series II Scraper, 621R Scraper, 621S Scraper, 627 Scraper, 627B Scraper, 627E Scraper, 627F Scraper, 627G Scraper, 637 Scraper, 637B Scraper, 637D Scraper, 637E Scraper, 637E Series II Scraper, 637G Scraper, 639D Scraper, 814 Compactor, 814 Wheel Dozer, 814B Wheel Dozer, 814F Wheel Dozer, 815 Compactor, 815B Compactor, 815F Compactor, 816 Compactor, 816B Compactor, 816F Compactor, 89J, 90A, 920 Wheel Loader, 924F Wheel Loader, 924G Wheel Loader, 924GZ Wheel Loader, 928F Wheel Loader, 928G Wheel Loader, 930 Wheel Loader, 930G Wheel Loader, 930R Wheel Loader, 930T Wheel Loader, 936 Wheel Loader, 936E Wheel Loader, 936F Wheel Loader, 936G Wheel Loader, 938F Wheel Loader, 938G Series II Wheel Loader, 938G Wheel Loader, 941 Crawler, 941B Crawler, 950 Wheel Loader, 950B Wheel Loader, 950E Wheel Loader, 950F Series II Wheel Loader, 950F Wheel Loader, 950G Series II Wheel Loader, 950G Wheel Loader, 950H Wheel Loader, 951 Crawler, 951B Crawler, 951C Crawler, 953B Crawler, 953C Crawler, 955K Crawler, 955L Crawler, 960F Wheel Loader, 962G Series II Wheel Loader, 962G Wheel Loader, 962H Wheel Loader, 963 Crawler, 963B Crawler, 963C Crawler, 966C Wheel Loader, 966D Wheel Loader, 966E Wheel Loader, 966G Series II Wheel Loader, 966R Wheel Loader, 970F Wheel Loader, 971G Crawler, 972G Wheel Loader, 973 Crawler, 973C Crawler, 977L Crawler, 980B Wheel Loader, 99A, AP1000 Asphalt Paver, AP1000B Asphalt Paver, AP1000D Asphalt Paver, AP1050 Asphalt Paver, AP1050B Asphalt Paver, AP1055 Asphalt Paver, AP1055B Asphalt Paver, AP1055D Asphalt Paver, AP755 Asphalt Paver, AP900B Asphalt Paver, BG240C Asphalt Paver, BG2455C Asphalt Paver, BG2455D Asphalt Paver, BG245C Asphalt Paver, BG260C Asphalt Paver, BG260D Asphalt Paver, C4.2 Eng, C6.4 Eng, C7 Eng, C9 Eng, CB531 Compactor, CB534 Compactor, CB583 Compactor, CB634 Compactor, CB634C Compactor, CB634D Compactor, Challenger 35, Challenger 45, Challenger 55, Challenger 65, Challenger 65B, Challenger 65C, Challenger 65D, Challenger 70C, CP533 Compactor, CP533C Compactor, CP533D Compactor, CP563 Compactor, CP563C Compactor, CP563D Compactor, CP643 Compactor, CP653 Compactor, CS531 Compactor, CS531C Compactor, CS531D Compactor, CS533 Compactor, CS533C Compactor, CS533D Compactor, CS563 Compactor, CS563C Compactor, CS563D Compactor, CS573 Compactor, CS573C Compactor, CS573D Compactor, CS583 Compactor, CS583C Compactor, CS583D Compactor, CS643 Compactor, CS653 Compactor, D20D Artic Dump, D250B Artic Dump, D250D Artic Dump, D250E Artic Dump, D250E Series II Artic Dump, D25C Artic Dump, D25D Artic Dump, D300B Artic Dump, D300E Artic Dump, D300E Series II Artic Dump, D30C Artic Dump, D30D Artic Dump, D350C Artic Dump, D350D Artic Dump, D35C Artic Dump, D4D Crawler, D4E Crawler, D4H Crawler, D4H Series III Crawler, D5 Crawler, D5B Crawler, D5E Crawler, D5H Crawler, D5M Crawler, D5N Crawler, D6C Crawler, D6D Crawler, D6E Crawler, D6F Crawler, D6G Crawler, D6H Crawler, D6H Series II Crawler, D6M Crawler, D6N Crawler, D6R Crawler, D7F Crawler, D7G Crawler, D7H Crawler, D7H Series II Crawler, D7R Crawler, E200B Excavator, E240 Excavator, E240B Excavator, E240C Excavator, E300 Excavator, E300B Excavator, EL200B Excavator, EL240 Excavator, EL240B Excavator, EL240C Excavator, EL300 Excavator, EL300B Excavator, EL325 Excavator, FB518 Feller Buncher, G3306 Natural Gas Engine, G936 Wheel Loader, IT24F Wheel Loader, IT28F Wheel Loader, IT28G Wheel Loader, IT38F Wheel Loader, IT38G Series II Wheel Loader, IT38G Wheel Loader, IT62G Series II Wheel Loader, IT62G Wheel Loader, IT62H Wheel Loader, Lexion 450 Combine, Lexion 460 Combine, Lexion 465 Combine, Lexion 470 Combine, M318 Excavator, M320 Excavator, M325C MH Excavator, M325D Excavator, PM102 Cold Planer, R1300 Load Haul Dump, R1300G Load Haul Dump, SF350 Slipform Paver, SF450 Slipform Paver, TK370 Feller Buncher, TK380 Feller Buncher, W330B Excavator Ford New Holland - 1900 Forage Harvester, 1915 Forage Harvester JCB - G330 Generator, G330Q Generator, G350 Generator, G350Q Generator, G380 Generator, G380Q Generator, G400 Generator, G400Q Generator, G440 Generator, G440Q Generator



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