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 This Is An AFTERMARKET PRODUCT , NOT OEM , Though Aftermarket Products Matches and sometimes Exceed the quality and performance of OEM Parts We Ship from the USA , Warehouses Located in MN , FL , CA , PA ,TX And CANADA 

 The Product You Are Buying is :

 Quality Tractor Lube Filter 237000 4511629 70237000 74511629 C9NN6714A Baldwin /strong>

Match The Following OEM Part Numbers :

 237000 4511629 70237000 74511629 C9NN6714A Baldwin

Technical Data :

Features: Anti-Drainback Valve, By-Pass Valve. Lube filter for diesel and gas applications..

Work On Several Tractors Model As Following : 

Allis Chalmers - 170, 175, 175G, 312 Lawn Tractor, 314, 4B153 Gas Eng, 510 Lift Truck, 540 Wheel Loader, 616 Cotton Picker, 622 Cotton Picker, 6B230 Eng, 700 Lift Truck, 705C Lift Truck, 706 Lift Truck, 706B Lift Truck, 706C Lift Truck, 707 Cotton Picker, 707XTB Cotton Picker, 708C Lift Truck, 714B Backhoe, 715 Backhoe, 715B Backhoe, 715D Backhoe, 801 Cotton Picker, 802 Cotton Picker, 816 Backhoe, 816B Backhoe, A Combine, A Combine II Series, ACC60 Lift Truck, ACC70 Lift Truck, ACC80 Lift Truck, ACP2225 Lift Truck, AH Combine, B Combine, C Combine, C Combine II, CH Combine, CR Combine, D Grader, D10, D12, D15, D17, D17D, D19, D19D, E Series III Combine, F Combine, F100-24 Lift Truck, F120-24 Lift Truck, F30-24 Lift Truck, F4 Lift Truck, F40-24 Lift Truck, F50-24 Lift Truck, F60-24 Lift Truck, F70-24 Lift Truck, F80-24 Lift Truck, FB50-24 Lift Truck, FD100-24 Lift Truck, FD120-24 Lift Truck, FD30-24 Lift Truck, FD40-24 Lift Truck, FD50-24 Lift Truck, FD60-24 Lift Truck, FD70-24 Lift Truck, FD80-24 Lift Truck, FL100-24 Lift Truck, FL120-24 Lift Truck, FL30-24 Lift Truck, FL50-24 Lift Truck, FL60-24 Lift Truck, FL70-24 Lift Truck, FL80-24 Lift Truck, FP40-24 Lift Truck, FP50-24 Lift Truck, FP60-24 Lift Truck, FP70-24 Lift Truck, FP80-24 Lift Truck, FPD40-24 Lift Truck, FPD50-24 Lift Truck, FPD60-24 Lift Truck, FPD70-24 Lift Truck, FPD80-24 Lift Truck, FPL40-24 Lift Truck, FPL50-24 Lift Truck, FPL60-24 Lift Truck, FPL70-24 Lift Truck, FPL80-24 Lift Truck, FPT20-24 Lift Truck, FS60-24 Lift Truck, FS80-24 Lift Truck, FSD60-24 Lift Truck, FSD70-24 Lift Truck, FSD80-24 Lift Truck, FSL60-24 Lift Truck, FSL70-24 LiftTruck, FSL80-24 Lift Truck, FT100-24 Lift Truck, FT20 Lift Truck, FT20-24 Lift Truck, FT25-24 Lift Truck, FT60-24 Lift Truck, FT70-24 Lift Truck, FT80-24 Lift Truck, FTB30-15 Lift Truck, FTB30-24 Lift Truck, FTBL30-15 Lift Truck, FTBL30-24 Lift Truck, FTD100-24 Lift Truck, FTD20 Lift Truck, FTD30 Lift Truck, FTD40 Lift Truck, FTD60-24 Lift Truck, FTD70-24 Lift Truck, FTD75-24C Lift Truck, FTD80-24 Lift Truck, FTL100-24 Lift Truck, FTL20-24 Lift Truck, FTL25-24 Lift Truck, FTL60-24 Lift Truck, FTL70-24Lift Truck, FTL80-24 Lift Truck, FTP30-24 Lift Truck, FTP40-24 Lift Truck, FTP60-24 Lift Truck, FTPD30-24Lift Truck, FTPD40-24 Lift Truck, FTPD60-24 Lift Truck, FTPL20-24 Lift Truck, FTPL30-24 Lift Truck, FTPL40-24 Lift Truck, FTPL60-24Lift Truck, G138 Gas Eng, G149 Gas Eng, G153 Gas Eng, G160 Gas Eng, G226 Gas Eng, G230 Gas Eng, G262 Gas Eng, H3 Crawler, HD11G Crawler, HD6G Crawler, I-40 Indust/Const, I-400 Indust/Const, I-60 Indust/Const, I-600 Indust/Const, M65, Model E, R Combine, R Cotton Picker, R1 Combine, RT40TE Lift Truck, Super 100SP Cotton Picker, T Combine, TL10 Loader, TL11 Loader, TL12 Loader, TL14, TL14A Loader, W, W226 Gas Eng, WD45 Case Inter Harvester - 1.8L Eng, 1060 Combine, 1160 Combine, 1740 Skid Steer, 1835 Skid Steer, 1835B Skid Steer, 1835C Skid Steer, 1845 Skid Steer, 1845B Skid Steer, 1845S Skid Steer, 300, 310D Crawler, 310E Crawler, 310F Crawler, 310G Crawler, 311B, 3414 Indust/Const, 3444 Indust/Const, 350, 350B Loader, 350D Skidder, 400 Farmall, 411B, 420C Crawler, 430, 430CK Indust/Const, 431, 440 Skid Steer, 455B Crawler, 470, 480B Indust/Const, 480C Indust/Const, 480CK Indust/Const, 480D Indust/Const, 480LL Indust/Const, 500 Crawler, 5000 Windrower, 500B, 510, 530, 530CK Indust/Const, 540 Indust/Const, 541, 580B Indust/Const, 580C Indust/Const, 580CK Indust/Const, 580D Indust/Const, 580G Indust/Const, 580SD Indust/Const, 584 Indust/Const, 584C Indust/Const, 584D Indust/Const, 585C Indust/Const, 585D Indust/Const, 586C Indust/Const, 586D Indust/Const, 600 Crawler, 611, 630, 631, 641, 680B Indust/Const, 680C Indust/Const, 680E Indust/Const, 730 Windrower, 731, 770, 780CK Indust/Const, 825 Skidder, 830, 850 Indust/Const, 870, 970, BC144 Eng, BD154 Eng, DH4 Trencher, DH5 Trencher, FH4 Trencher, G148B Eng, G159 Eng, G188 Eng, G188D Eng, T500 Crawler, T800 Crawler, W10C Loader, W10E Loader, W11 Loader, W14 Loader (above s/n 9119672), W14H Loader, W3 Loader, W5A Loader, W7 Loader, W7C Loader, W7E Loader, W8E Loader, W9A Loader, W9B Loader, W9C Loader, W9E Loader Caterpillar - PS110 Compactor, PS130 Compactor, PS180 Compactor, T100C Lift Truck, T120C Lift Truck, T25 Lift Truck, T30 Lift Truck, T30B Lift Truck, T30C Lift Truck, T40 Lift Truck, T40B Lift Truck, T50 Lift Truck, T50B Lift Truck, T60 Lift Truck, T60B Lift Truck, T60C Lift Truck, T70C Lift Truck, T80C Lift Truck, T90C Lift Truck, TC30 Lift Truck, TC60C Lift Truck, V160 Lift Truck, V180 Lift Truck, V30 Lift Truck, V30B Lift Truck, V35B Lift Truck, V40 Lift Truck, V40B Lift Truck, V41 Lift Truck, V41B Lift Truck, V45B Lift Truck, V50 Lift Truck, V50B Lift Truck, V51 Lift Truck, V51B Lift Truck, V55B Lift Truck, V60 Lift Truck, V60B Lift Truck, V60C Lift Truck, V60D Lift Truck, V70C Lift Truck, V70D Lift Truck, V80C Lift Truck, V80D Lift Truck, VC60C Lift Truck Dresser - 500E CrawlerFarmtrac - 535, 545, 555Fiat - BI20 Lift Truck, BI25 Lift Truck, BIM20 Lift Truck, BIM25 Lift Truck, BM12 Lift Truck, BM15 Lift Truck, BM20 Lift Truck, BM25 Lift Truck Ford New Holland - 172 Gas Eng, 175 Eng, 1800 Series 4 Cyl 59-60, 2000 Series 3 Cyl 65-74, 2000 Series 4 Cyl 62-64, 2030 4 Cyl, 2110 3 Cyl Tractor, 2110TR 4 Cyl, 2120 3 Cyl Tractor, 2120 4 Cyl, 2300, 230A, 231, 2310, 234, 250C, 256 Eng, 2600, 2600V, 260C, 2610, 2810, 2910, 3000, 3055, 3120, 3190, 3230, 3300, 3310, 333, 3330, 334, 335, 340, 3400, 340A, 3430, 345C Indust/Const, 345D Indust/Const, 3500, 3550 Indust/Const, 3600, 3600V, 3610, 3900, 3910, 3930, 4000 Series 3 Cyl 65-74, 4000 Series 4 Cyl 62-64, 4030 3 Cyl 92-96, 4030 4 Cyl 61-62, 4040, 4110, 4120, 4130 3 Cyl 90-99, 4130 4 Cyl 63-64, 4140, 4190, 420 Indust/Const, 4330, 4340, 4400, 4410, 445 Indust/Const, 445A Indust/Const, 445C Indust/Const, 445D Indust/Const, 450 Indust/Const, 4500 Indust/Const, 455 Indust/Const, 455C Indust/Const, 455D Indust/Const, 4600, 4600SU, 4610, 4610SU, 4630, 4830, 5000, 5030, 5110, 515 Indust/Const, 5190, 530A, 530B, 531, 5340, 535 Indust/Const, 540 Indust/Const, 540A Indust/Const, 540B Indust/Const, 541, 545 Indust/Const, 545A Indust/Const, 545C Indust/Const, 545D Indust/Const, 550 Indust/Const, 555 Indust/Const, 555A Indust/Const, 555B Indust/Const, 555C Indust/Const, 555D Indust/Const, 5600, 5610, 5700, 575D Indust/Const, 5900, 600, 6000, 601 Series 4 Cyl, 611, 620, 622, 63-64, 630, 640, 6410, 642, 650, 6500 Indust/Const, 655 Indust/Const, 655A Indust/Const, 655C Indust/Const, 655D Indust/Const, 6600, 6610, 6700, 6710, 675D Indust/Const, 6810, 7000, 7410, 750 Indust/Const, 7500 Indust/Const, 755 Indust/Const, 755A Indust/Const, 755B Indust/Const, 7600, 7610, 7700, 7710, 800 Series 4 Cyl, 801 Series 4 CylGravely - Garden Tractor John Deere - 1050 Compact Tractor, 2250 Windrower, 2270 Windrower, 2320 Windrower, 2420 Windrower, 2550, 800 Windrower, 830 Windrower, 850 Crawler, F910 Riding Mower, F930 Riding Mower Kubota - KX121-2 Excavator, KX121-3 Excavator, KX161-3 Excavator, M4000, M4030, M4030DT, M4030SU, M4500, M4500DT, M4950, M4950DT, R520S Loader, V2203 EngLong - 2610 Massey Ferguson - 205 CombineMinneapolis-Moline - 3496 Combine, 4292 Combine w/ V8 Gas Eng, 4293 Combine w/ V8 Gas Eng, 4296 Combine w/ V8 Gas Eng, 5297 Combine w/ V8-318 Eng, 5297 Combine w/ V8-383 Eng, 605A6A Eng, 605B6A Eng, A4T1600 w/ LP800-6 Eng, Jet Star 3, Mobilift MA30 Lift Truck, Mobilift MA40 Lift Truck, Mobilift MA50 Lift Truck, U302Oliver - 1250 w /Gas Eng, 1250 Eng, 1250A, 1255, 1265, 1355, 1450, 1455, 1850 Eng, 535 Combine, 542 Combine W/V8 Gas Eng, 545 Combine W/V8 Gas Eng, 5542 Combine W /V8 Eng, 5555 Combine W /V8-318 Eng, 5555 Combine W /V8-383 Eng, SP545 Combine Same - Buffalo 120 Versatile - 330 Swather, 400 Swather w /Ford Eng, 440 Swather, 4400 Swather w /Gas Eng, 5000 Swather Yanmar - YM147D



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