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 This Is An AFTERMARKET PRODUCT , NOT OEM , Though Aftermarket Products Matches and sometimes Exceed the quality and performance of OEM Parts We Ship from the USA , Warehouses Located in MN , FL , CA , PA ,TX And CANADA 

 The Product You Are Buying is :

 Quality Tractor Lube Filter OF1004, 2097690 Baldwin /strong>

Match The Following OEM Part Numbers :

 2097690 Baldwin

Technical Data :

Lube filter for gas applications..

Work On Several Tractors Model As Following : 

Allis Chalmers - 5020, 5030, 6140 Case Inter Harvester - 1825 Skid SteerGravely - Pro Series Mowers Komatsu - AX Series Lift Truck, FG10ST-15 Lift Truck, FG18ST-15 Lift Truck, FG20 Lift Truck, FG20ST-04 Lift Truck, FG20ST-11 Lift Truck, FG20ST-12 Lift Truck, FG20ST-4 Lift Truck, FG25 Lift Truck, FG30 Lift Truck, FG30SHT Lift Truck Kubota - B1550D, B1550E, B1550HSTD, B1550HSTE, B1700D, B1700E, B1700HSD, B1700HSE, B1750D, B1750E, B1750HSTD, B1750HSTE, B21 Indust/Const, B2100D, B2100E, B2100HSD, B2100HSE, B2400D, B2400E, B2410HSD, B2410HSDB, B2410HSE, B26 Indust/Const, B2630HSD, B2710HSD, B2910HSD, B3030HSD, B3030HSDC, B3030HSDCC, B3200HSD, B6100DP, B6100EP, B6100HSTD, B6100HSTE, B6200D, B6200E, B6200HSTD, B6200HSTE, B7100DP, B7100HSTD, B7100HSTE, B7200D, B7200E, B7200HSTD, B7200HSTE, B7300HSD, B7400HSD, B7500DTN, B7500HSD, B7510D, B7510DN, B7510HSD, B7510HSDTR, B7610HSD, B7800HSD, F1900 Mower, F2000 Mower, F2100 Mower, F2100E Mower, F2260 Mower, F2400 Mower, F2560 Mower, F2560E Mower, F3060 Mower, F3560 Mower, F3680 Mower, FZ2100 Mower, FZ2400 Mower, G1700 Mower, G1800 Mower, G1800S Mower, G1900 Mower, G1900HST Mower, G1900S Mower, G2000 Mower, G2000S Mower, G2160 Mower, G3200 Mower, G4200 Mower, G4200H Mower, G5200H Mower, G6200H Mower, GF1800 Mower, GF1800E Mower, GH630 Eng, PX2100, RTV1100CR, RTV1100CR9, RTV1100CRX, RTV1100CW, RTV1100CW9, RTV1100CWX, RTV1140CPX, RTV1140CPXR, RTV500AH, RTV500RAH, RTV900G, RTV900G6, RTV900G9, RTV900R6, RTV900R9, RTV900RSD, RTV900RSDL, RTV900T, RTV900T2, RTV900T5H, RTV900T6, RTV900T9, RTV900W, RTV900W6, RTV900W6SE, RTV900W8SE, RTV900W9, RTV900W9SE, RTV900XTG, RTV900XTR, RTV900XTS, RTV900XTT, RTV900XTW, RTVX1100CR, RTVX1100CW, RTVX1120DR, RTVX1120DW, RTVX1140R, RTVX1140W, RTVX900G, RTVX900R, RTVX900W, ZD1011 Mower, ZD1021 Mower, ZD1211L Mower, ZD1211R Mower, ZD1211RL Mower, ZD1511LF Mower, ZD1511RL Mower, ZD1511RLF Mower, ZD221 Mower, ZD321 Mower, ZD321N Mower, ZD323 Mower, ZD326HL Mower, ZD326P Mower, ZD326RP Mower, ZD326S Mower, ZD331LP Mower, ZD331P Mower, ZD331RP Mower, ZG20 Mower, ZG20F Mower, ZG222 Mower, ZG222A Mower, ZG222S Mower, ZG222SA Mower, ZG227 Mower, ZG227A Mower, ZG227L Mower, ZG227LA Mower, ZG23 Mower, ZG23F Mower, ZG327PA Mower, ZG327RPA Mower, ZG332LP Mower, ZG332P Mower, ZP330LP Mower, ZP330P Mower Massey Ferguson - 210, 2104, 220 Backhoe, 2204



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