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 This Is An AFTERMARKET PRODUCT , NOT OEM , Though Aftermarket Products Matches and sometimes Exceed the quality and performance of OEM Parts We Ship from the USA , Warehouses Located in MN , FL , CA , PA ,TX And CANADA 

 The Product You Are Buying is :

 Quality Tractor Lube Filter HF1602, 7738743, 928766, FA57CC10, K23020 Baldwin /strong>

Match The Following OEM Part Numbers :

 7738743, 928766, FA57CC10, K23020 Baldwin

Technical Data :

Lube filter for diesel and gas applications..

Work On Several Tractors Model As Following : 

Agco - 9330 Windrower, 9340 Windrower, 9345 Windrower, 9365 Windrower, Eagle 8500 Sprayer, R65 Combine, R75 Combine Bobcat - 825 Skid Steer Case Inter Harvester - 1400 Cotton Picker, 4130 Indust/Const, 4135 Indust/Const, 4136 Indust/Const, 4140 Indust/Const, 4366, 4386, 4568, 4586, 616 Cotton Picker, 622 Cotton Picker, 782 Cotton Picker, 8820 Windrower, 8830 Windrower, 8840 Windrower, 8850 Windrower, 8870 Windrower, 8880 Windrower, 9190, DVT800 Eng, W11 Loader, W11B Loader, WD1203 Windrower, WD1903 Windrower, WD2303 Windrower, WDX1002S Windrower, WDX1101 Windrower, WDX1202 Windrower, WDX1202S Windrower, WDX1701 Windrower, WDX1902 Windrower, WDX2302 Windrower, WDX901 Windrower Caterpillar - 215C Excavator, 215D Excavator, 219 Excavator, 219D Excavator, 3116 Eng, 3176C Eng, 3306 Eng, 3406 Eng, 3408E Eng, 3412E Eng, 350 Excavator, 350 L Excavator, 3508B Eng, 3512B Eng, 3524B Eng, 365B Excavator, 365B L Excavator, 365B Series II Excavator, 365C Excavator, 365C L Excavator, 375 Excavator, 375 L Excavator, 385B Excavator, 385C Excavator, 385C L Excavator, 422S Lift Truck, 5080 Excavator, 5090B Excavator, 572R Crawler, 572R Series II Crawler, 769D Haul Truck, 771D Haul Truck, 773D Haul Truck, 773E Haul Truck, 775D Haul Truck, 775E Haul Truck, 776D Wheel Tractor, 777D Haul Truck, 797 Haul Truck, 797B Haul Truck, 953C Crawler, 963C Crawler, D6H Crawler, D6H Series II Crawler, D6R Crawler, D6R Series II Crawler, D7H Crawler, D7H Series II Crawler, D7R Crawler, D7R Series II Crawler, D8N Crawler, T100C Lift Truck, T120C Lift Truck, T40 Lift Truck, T40B Lift Truck, T45B Lift Truck, T50 Lift Truck, T50B Lift Truck, T60C Lift Truck, T70C Lift Truck, T80C Lift Truck, T90C Lift Truck, V40 Lift Truck, V40B Lift Truck, V50 Lift Truck, V50B Lift Truck Challenger - SP110 Windrower, SP115B Windrower, SP165 Windrower, SP185B, SP185B Windrower, SP185C Windrower, SP80 Windrower, SP85B Windrower Ford New Holland - 2450 Windrower, 2550 Windrower, BB900 Square Baler, BW28 Bale Wagon, BW38 Bale Wagon, FW20, FW30, FW40, FW60, H8040 Windrower, H8060 Windrower, H8080 Windrower, H9870 Bale Wagon, H9880 Bale Wagon, HW300 Windrower, HW305 Windrower, HW305S Windrower, HW320 Windrower, HW325 Windrower, HW340 Windrower, HW345 Windrower, HW365 Windrower, L225 Skid Steer, L325 Skid Steer, L425 Skid Steer, L445 Skid Steer, L451 Skid Steer, L452 Skid Steer, L454 Skid Steer, L455 Skid Steer, L553 Skid Steer, L554 Skid Steer, L555 Skid Steer, L600 Skid Steer, L778 Skid Steer, L779 Skid Steer, L781 Skid Steer, L783 Skid Steer, L784 Skid Steer, L785 Skid Steer, TR75 Combine, TR76 Combine, TR85 Combine, TR86 Combine, TR87 Combine, TR88 Combine, TR89 Combine, TR95 Combine, TR96 Combine, TR98 Combine, TR99 Combine John Deere - 125 Riding Mower, 570 Grader, 570 Skid Steer, 575 Skid Steer, 672A Grader, 672B Grader, 675 Skid Steer, 675B Skid Steer, 750B Crawler, 770A Grader, 772A Grader, 862 Scraper, 862B Scraper, 90 Crawler Loader Massey Ferguson - 5140 Windrower, 9220 Windrower, 9225 Windrower, 9420 Windrower, 9425 Windrower, 9430 Windrower, 9435 Windrower, 9635 Windrower Versatile - 300, 700, 800



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