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 This Is An AFTERMARKET PRODUCT , NOT OEM , Though Aftermarket Products Matches and sometimes Exceed the quality and performance of OEM Parts We Ship from the USA , Warehouses Located in MN , FL , CA , PA ,TX And CANADA 

 The Product You Are Buying is :

 Quality Tractor Lube Filter HF1409, 303506819, P164378 Baldwin /strong>

Match The Following OEM Part Numbers :

 303506819, P164378 Baldwin

Technical Data :

OD: 3-3/4 (95.3), Length: 9-19/32 (243.7), Thread: 1-3/8 x 12 UNF. Lube filter for diesel and gas applications..

Work On Several Tractors Model As Following : 

Agco - 9630, 9635, 9650, 9655, 9670, 9675, 9690, 9695, 9815, R62 Combine, R65 Combine, R75 Combine Bobcat - 1213 Skid Steer, 1600 Loader, 2000 Loader, 2400 Loader, 2410 Loader, 3022 Trencher, 3023 Trencher, 430 Excavator, 435 Excavator, 5600 UTV, 641 Skid Steer, 642 Skid Steer, 642B Skid Steer, 643 Skid Steer, 645 Skid Steer, 741 Loader, 742 Skid Steer, 742B Skid Steer, 743 Skid Steer, 743B Skid Steer, 743DS Skid Steer, 843 Skid Steer, 843B Skid Steer, 943 Skid Steer, 953 Skid Steer, 963 Skid Steer, 963G Skid Steer Case Inter Harvester - 1085C Indust/Const, 1835B Skid Steer, 1835C Skid Steer, 1838 Skid Steer, 1840 Skid Steer, 1845 Skid Steer, 1845B Skid Steer, 1845C Skid Steer, 1845S Skid Steer, 350B Loader, 360 Trencher, 40XT Skid Steer, 445T Eng, 445TA Eng, 450B Crawler, 450C Crawler, 455B Crawler, 455C Crawler, 480C Indust/Const, 480CK Indust/Const, 480D Indust/Const, 480E Indust/Const, 480ELL Indust/Const, 480F Indust/Const, 480FLL Indust/Const, 480LL Indust/Const, 4T-390 Eng, 550 Crawler, 550E Crawler, 550G Crawler, 550H Crawler, 560 Trencher, 570LXT Indust/Const, 570LXT Series 2 Indust/Const, 570MXT Indust/Const, 580D Indust/Const, 580K Indust/Const, 580L Indust/Const, 580L Series 2 Indust/Const, 580M Indust/Const, 580M Series 2 Indust/Const, 580M Series 3 Indust/Const, 580SD Indust/Const, 580SE Indust/Const, 580SK Indust/Const, 580SL Series 2 Indust/Const, 580SM Indust/Const, 580SM Series 2 Indust/Const, 580SM Series 3 Indust/Const, 584D Indust/Const, 584E Indust/Const, 585D Indust/Const, 585E Indust/Const, 585G Indust/Const, 586D Indust/Const, 586E Indust/Const, 586G Indust/Const, 588G Indust/Const, 590 Indust/Const, 590SM Series 2 Indust/Const, 590SM Series 3 Indust/Const, 60XT Skid Steer, 621 Loader, 621B Loader, 621C Loader, 650 Indust/Const, 650G Crawler, 650H Crawler, 650K Series 2 Crawler, 650K Series 3 Crawler, 660 Trencher, 667TA Eng, 668T/M2 Eng, 70XT Skid Steer, 7110, 7120, 7130, 7140, 7150, 7210, 721B Loader, 721C Loader, 721CXT Loader, 721l Loader, 7220, 7230, 7240, 7250, 750H Crawler, 750K Crawler, 750K Series 2 Crawler, 750K Series 3 Crawler, 750L Crawler, 75XT Skid Steer, 760 Trencher, 821 Indust/Const, 821B Indust/Const, 821C Indust/Const, 821CXR Indust/Const, 850 Crawler, 850D Crawler, 850E Crawler, 850G Crawler, 850H Crawler, 850K Series 2 Crawler, 850K Series 3 Crawler, 850L Crawler, 855D Crawler, 855E Crawler, 85XT Skid Steer, 8910, 8920, 8930, 8940, 8950, 90XT Skid Steer, 9110, 9130, 9150, 9170, 9180, 9210, 9230, 9240, 9250, 9260, 9270, 9280, 9310, 9330, 9350, 9370, 9380, 9390, 95XT Skid Steer, G148B Eng, G188D Eng, Magnum 215, Magnum 245, Magnum 255, Magnum 275, Magnum 305, Magnum 335, MX180, MX200, MX210, MX215, MX220, MX230, MX240, MX245, MX255, MX270, MX275, MX285, MX305, STX275, STX280, STX325, STX330, STX375, STX380, STX425, STX430, STX440, STX450, STX480, STX500, STX530 Caterpillar - 120M Motor Grader, 12M Motor Grader, 140M Motor Grader, 143H Motor Grader, 14M Motor Grader, 160M Motor Grader, 163H Motor Grader, 16M Motor Grader, 216 Skid Steer, 216B Series II Skid Steer, 226 Skid Steer, 226B Series II Skid Steer, 228 Skid Steer, 232 Skid Steer, 232B Series II Skid Steer, 236 Skid Steer, 236B Series II Skid Steer, 242 Skid Steer, 242B Series II Skid Steer, 246 Skid Steer, 246B Skid Steer, 246C Skid Steer, 247 Skid Steer, 247B Series II Compact Track Loader, 248 Skid Steer, 248B Skid Steer, 24M Motor Grader, 252 Skid Steer, 252B Series II Skid Steer, 256C Skid Steer, 257 Compact Track Loader, 257B Series II Compact Track Loader, 262 Skid Steer, 262B Skid Steer, 262C Skid Steer, 267 Compact Track Loader, 267B Series II Compact Track Loader, 268B Skid Steer, 272C Skid Steer, 277 Skid Steer, 277B Skid Steer, 277C Skid Steer, 279C Skid Steer, 287 Skid Steer, 287B Skid Steer, 287C Skid Steer, 289C Skid Steer, 297C Skid Steer, 3024 Eng, 3034 Eng, 3044C Eng, 3046 Eng, 3054 Eng, 3054B Eng, 3054C Eng, 3056 Eng, 3056E Eng, 3114 Eng, 3116 Eng, 3126 Eng, 3126B Eng, 3176C Eng, 3196 Eng, 3204 Eng, 3306 Eng, 3406E Eng, 3408E Eng, 345C Excavator, 3508B Eng, 3516 Eng, 3516B Eng, 446 Backhoe Loader, 446B Backhoe Loader, 515 Skidder, 525 Skidder, 525B Skidder, 525C Skidder, 535B Skidder, 535C Skidder, 545 Skidder, 545C Skidder, 550B Harvester, 554 Forwarder, 560B Harvester, 564 Forwarder, 574 Forwarder, 574B Forwarder, 769D Haul Truck, 773D Haul Truck, 834B Wheel Dozer, 834G Wheel Dozer, 834H Wheel Dozer, 836G Compactor, 836H Compactor, 844H Wheel Dozer, 854G Wheel Dozer, 854K Wheel Dozer, 902 Wheel Loader, 904 Wheel Loader, 906 Wheel Loader, 908 Wheel Loader, 910 Wheel Loader, 910F Wheel Loader, 910G Wheel Loader, 914G Wheel Loader, 918F Wheel Loader, 924F Wheel Loader, 924G Wheel Loader, 924GZ Wheel Loader, 924H Wheel Loader, 928F Wheel Loader, 928G Wheel Loader, 928HZ Wheel Loader, 930G Wheel Loader, 930H Wheel Loader, 933C Crawler, 938F Wheel Loader, 938G Series II Wheel Loader, 938G Wheel Loader, 938H Wheel Loader, 939C Crawler, 950G Series II Wheel Loader, 950G Wheel Loader, 950H Wheel Loader, 953D Crawler, 962G Series II Wheel Loader, 962G Wheel Loader, 962H Wheel Loader, 963D Crawler, 966G Series II Wheel Loader, 966G Wheel Loader, 972G Series II Wheel Loader, 972G Wheel Loader, 988F Wheel Loader, 988G Wheel Loader, 988H Wheel Loader, 990H Wheel Loader, 992G Wheel Loader, 992K Wheel Loader, 994 Wheel Loader, 994D Wheel Loader, 994F Wheel Loader, C27 Eng, C32 Eng, C6.6 Eng, C7 Eng, CB214C Compactor, CB224C Compactor, CB434B Compactor, CB434C Compactor, CB434D Compactor, CB531 Compactor, CB534B Compactor, CB534C Compactor, CB534D Compactor, CB535B Compactor, CB544 Compactor, CB545 Compactor, CB564D Compactor, CB583 Compactor, CB634 Compactor, CB634C Compactor, CB634D Compactor, Challenger 35, Challenger 45, Challenger 55, Challenger 65, Challenger 65B, Challenger 75, CP323C Compactor, CP433C Compactor, CP433E Compactor, CP533 Compactor, CP533C Compactor, CP533D Compactor, CP533E Compactor, CP54 Compactor, CP56 Compactor, CP563 Compactor, CP563C Compactor, CP563D Compactor, CP563E Compactor, CP573E Compactor, CP583E Compactor, CP64 Compactor, CP663E Compactor, CP72 Compactor, CP74 Compactor, CP76 Compactor, CS323C Compactor, CS413C Compactor, CS423E Compactor, CS431C Compactor, CS433C Compactor, CS433E Compactor, CS531 Compactor, CS531C Compactor, CS531D Compactor, CS533 Compactor, CS533C Compactor, CS533D Compactor, CS533E Compactor, CS54 Compactor, CS56 Compactor, CS563 Compactor, CS563C Compactor, CS563D Compactor, CS563E Compactor, CS573 Compactor, CS573C Compactor, CS573D Compactor, CS573E Compactor, CS583 Compactor, CS583C Compactor, CS583D Compactor, CS583E Compactor, CS64 Compactor, CS663E Compactor, CS683E Compactor, CS72 Compactor, CS74 Compactor, CS76 Compactor, D3C Crawler, D3G Crawler, D3K Crawler, D4C Crawler, D4G Crawler, D4K Crawler, D5G Crawler, D5K Crawler, D6K Crawler, D6N Crawler, D8T Crawler, G3608 Natural Gas Engine, G3612 Natural Gas Engine, G3616 Natural Gas Engine, IT12F Wheel Loader, IT14F Wheel Loader, IT14G Wheel Loader, IT18F Wheel Loader, IT24F Wheel Loader, IT28F Wheel Loader, IT28G Wheel Loader, IT38F Wheel Loader, IT38G Series II Wheel Loader, IT38G Wheel Loader, IT62G Series II Wheel Loader, IT62G Wheel Loader, IT62H Wheel Loader, PF290B Compactor, PF300B Compactor, PL61, PS150B Compactor, PS150C Compactor, PS200B Compactor, PS300B Compactor, PS360B Compactor, PS360C Compactor, R1300G Series II Load Haul Dump, R1600G Load Haul Dump, R1700G Load Haul Dump, R2900G Load Haul Dump, RT100 TeleHandler, RT80 TeleHandler, TH220B TeleHandler, TH330B TeleHandler, TH340B TeleHandler, TH350B TeleHandler, TH355B TeleHandler, TH360B TeleHandler, TH460B TeleHandler, TK370 Feller Buncher, TK380 Feller Buncher, W345C Excavator Ford New Holland - 545C Indust/Const, 545D Indust/Const, 5640, 6640, 6640S, 6640SL, 6640SLE, 7740, 7740SL, 7740SLE, 7840, 7840S, 7840SL, 7840SLE, 8160, 8240, 8240S, 8240SL, 8240SLE, 8260, 8340, 8340SL, 8340SLE, 8360, 8560, 8670, 8670A, 8770, 8770A, 8870, 8870A, 8970, 8970A, CR9040 Combine, CR9060 Combine, CR9070 Combine, CR9080 Combine, CR920 Combine, CR940 Combine, CR960 Combine, CR970 Combine, CX8070 Combine, CX8080 Combine, CX8090 Combine, CX840 Combine, CX860 Combine, CX880 Combine, D75 Dozer, D85 Dozer, D85B Dozer, D95 Dozer, D95B Dozer, DC180 Dozer, FR9040 Forage Harvester, FR9050 Forage Harvester, FR9060 Forage Harvester, FR9080 Forage Harvester, FR9090 Forage Harvester, FX30 Forage Harvester, FX40 Forage Harvester, LB110 Indust/Const, LB95 Indust/Const, LW170B Wheel Loader, SF550 Sprayer, T6010, T6020, T8010, T8020, T8030, T8040, T8050, T9020, T9030, T9040, T9050, T9060, TC52 Combine, TC54 Combine, TC56 Combine, TG210, TG215, TG230, TG245, TG255, TG275, TG285, TG305, TJ280, TJ330, TJ380, TJ430, TJ480, TJ500, TJ530, TM115, TM120, TM125, TM130, TM135, TM140, TM150, TM155, TM165, TM175, TS100, TS100A, TS110, TS110A, TS115A, TS125A, TS130A, TS135A, TS90, TV6070, TX62 Combine, TX63 Combine, TX64 Combine, TX65 Combine, TX68 Combine, U80 Indust/ConstJCB - 1004-4T Eng, 1110 Robot Skid Steer, 1110HF Robot Skid Steer, 1110T Robot Skid Steer, 1110THF Robot Skid Steer, 160 Robot Skid Steer, 160HF Robot Skid Steer, 170 Robot Skid Steer, 170HF Robot Skid Steer, 180 Robot Skid Steer, 180HF Robot Skid Steer, 180T Robot Skid Steer, 180THF Robot Skid Steer, 190 Robot Shid Steer, 190HF Robot Skid Steer, 190T Robot Skid Steer, 190THF Robot Skid Steer, 1CX Backhoe Loader, 208S Backhoe Loader, Fastrac 2155, Fastrac 2170, Fastrac 3200, Midi CX Backhoe LoaderJohn Deere - 280 Skid Steer, 3215 Turf Mower, 3215A Turf Mower, 3215B Turf Mower, 3225B Turf Mower, 3235 Turf Mower, 3235A Turf Mower, 3235B Turf Mower, 450H Crawler, 450J Crawler, 485E Forklift, 486E Forklift, 488E Forklift, 550H Crawler, 550J Crawler, 5620, 5720, 5820, 6020, 605C Crawler, 6100, 6110, 6120, 6120L, 6200, 6200L, 6210, 6220, 6220L, 6300, 6300L, 6310, 6320, 6320L, 6400, 6400L, 6410, 6420, 6420L, 6420S, 6500, 6500L, 6506, 650H Crawler, 650J Crawler, 6510, 6510L, 6520, 6520L, 6610, 6620, 6800, 6820, 6900, 6910S, 6920, 6920S, 700J Crawler, 7200 Forage Harvester, 7210, 7220, 7320, 7400 Forage Harvester, 7410, 7420, 750 Crawler, 750B Crawler, 7510, 7600, 7610, 7630, 7700, 7730, 7800, 7830, 7930, 9200, 9230, 9300, 9300T, 9320, 9330, 9400T, 9420, 9430, 9520, 9530, 9620, 9630, 9996 Cotton PickerKomatsu - GD530A-1 Grader, GD530A-2 Grader, GD650-1 Grader, GD650A-2 Grader, GD670-1 Grader, GD670A-2 Grader, GD670A-2C Grader, GD670AW-2C GraderMassey Ferguson - 50H Loader, 50HX Loader, 60H Loader, 9240Terex - TX750 Loader, TX760 Loader, TX760B Loader W /1104C Eng, TX860, TX860B, TX860SB, TX870 W /Perkins EngVolvo - A25D Dump Truck w /D10 Eng, A25D Dump Truck w /D9A Eng, A25E Dump Truck, A30C Dump Truck, A30D Dump Truck w /D10B Eng, A30D Dump Truck w /D9 Eng, A30E Dump Truck, A35 Dump Truck, A35C Dump Truck, A35D Dump Truck, A35E Dump Truck, A35E FS Dump Truck, A40 Dump Truck, A40D Dump Truck, A40E Dump Truck, A40E FS Dump Truck, G710 Motor Grader, G710 VHP Motor Grader, G710B Motor Grader, G716 VHP Motor Grader, G720 Motor Grader, G720 VHP Motor Grader, G720B Motor Grader, G726 VHP Motor Grader, G726B Motor Grader, G730 Motor Grader, G730 VHP Motor Grader, G730B Motor Grader, G736 VHP Motor Grader, G740 Motor Grader, G740 VHP Motor Grader, G740B Motor Grader, G746B Motor Grader, G780 Motor Grader, G780 VHP Motor Grader, G780B Motor Grader, L120B Loader, L120C Loader, L120D Loader, L150C Loader, L150D Loader, L180C Loader, L180D Loader, L50C Loader, L50D Loader, L50E Loader, L90C Loader, L90D Loader, MC110 Loader, MC110B Loader, MC60 Loader, MC60B Loader, MC70 Loader, MC70B Loader, MC90 Loader, MC90B Loader, T450D Scraper Hauler



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