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 This Is An AFTERMARKET PRODUCT , NOT OEM , Though Aftermarket Products Matches and sometimes Exceed the quality and performance of OEM Parts We Ship from the USA , Warehouses Located in MN , FL , CA , PA ,TX And CANADA 

 The Product You Are Buying is :

 Quality Tractor Fuel Filter FF3703, BF7587 Case Inter Harvester /strong>

Match The Following OEM Part Numbers :

 BF7587 Case Inter Harvester

Technical Data :


Work On Several Tractors Model As Following : 

Caterpillar - 16G Motor Grader, 16H Motor Grader, 245B Excavator, 245D Excavator, 24H Motor Grader, 3176 Eng, 3176B Eng, 3176C Eng, 3196 Eng, 3306 Eng, 3306B Eng, 3406 Eng, 3406B Eng, 3406C Eng, 3406E Eng, 3408 Eng, 3408B Eng, 3408C Eng, 3408E Eng, 3412 Eng, 3412C Eng, 3456 Eng, 3508B Eng, 3512 Eng, 3516 Eng, 3516B Eng, 375 Excavator, 5080 Excavator, 5110 Excavator, 5110B Excavator, 572R Series II Crawler, 578 Crawler, 583R Crawler, 589 Crawler, 621B Scraper, 621E Scraper, 621F Scraper, 621G Scraper, 623E Scraper, 623F Scraper, 623G Scraper, 627E Scraper, 627F Scraper, 631E Scraper, 631G Scraper, 633E Series II Scraper, 637E Scraper, 637E Series II Scraper, 637G Scraper, 651E Scraper, 657E Scraper, 735 Artic Dump, 740 Artic Dump, 740E Artic Dump, 768C Wheel Tractor, 769C Haul Truck, 769D Haul Truck, 771C Haul Truck, 771D Haul Truck, 772B Haul Truck, 772D Haul Truck, 773B Haul Truck, 773D Haul Truck, 773E Haul Truck, 775B Haul Truck, 775D Haul Truck, 775E Haul Truck, 784D Haul Truck, 824C Wheel Dozer, 824G Wheel Dozer, 825C Compactor, 825G Compactor, 826C Compactor, 826G Compactor, 834B Wheel Dozer, 834G Wheel Dozer, 836 Compactor, 836G Compactor, 844 Wheel Dozer, 980C Wheel Loader, 980F Series II Wheel Loader, 980G Series II Wheel Loader, 988B Wheel Loader, 988F Wheel Loader, 988G Wheel Loader, 990 Series II Wheel Loader, 992C Wheel Loader, 992D Wheel Loader, AD30 Artic Dump, AD40 Artic Dump, AD45 Artic Dump, AD45B Artic Dump, AD55 Artic Dump, AE40 Artic Dump, C10 Eng, C12 Eng, C15 Eng, C16 Eng, C18 Eng, C9 Eng, Challenger 65C, Challenger 65D, Challenger 75C, Challenger 75D, Challenger 85C, Challenger 85D, D10N Crawler, D10R Crawler, D350E Artic Dump, D350E Series II Artic Dump, D400D Artic Dump, D400E Artic Dump, D400E Series II Artic Dump, D40D Artic Dump, D7R Series II Crawler, D8L Crawler, D8N Crawler, D8R Crawler, D8R Series II Crawler, D9N Crawler, D9R Crawler, D9T Crawler, E624 Generator, PM3412 Power Module, PM3456 Power Module, PM465 Cold Planer, PM565 Cold Planer, PM565B Cold Planer, PR1000 Cold Planer, PR450 Cold Planer, PR750B Cold Planer, R1600 Load Haul Dump, R1600G Load Haul Dump, R1700 Series II Load Haul Dump, R1700G Load Haul Dump, R2900 Load Haul Dump, R2900G Load Haul Dump, RM250C Reclaimer Mixer, RM350 Reclaimer Mixer, RM350B Reclaimer Mixer, RR250 Road Reclaimer, RR250B Road Reclaimer, SM350 Stabilizer Mixer, SS250 Soil Stabilizer, SS250B Soil Stabilizer Challenger - MT835, MT835B, MT835C, MT845, MT845B, MT845C, MT855, MT855B, MT855C, MT865, MT865B, MT865C, MT875B, MT875C, MT945B, MT945C, MT955B, MT955C, MT965B, MT965C, MT975B, MT975C Ford New Holland - FR9080 Forage Harvester, FX58 Forage Harvester



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