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 This Is An AFTERMARKET PRODUCT , NOT OEM , Though Aftermarket Products Matches and sometimes Exceed the quality and performance of OEM Parts We Ship from the USA , Warehouses Located in MN , FL , CA , PA ,TX And CANADA 

 The Product You Are Buying is :

 Quality Tractor Fuel Filter FF2606, 72501530 Baldwin /strong>

Match The Following OEM Part Numbers :

 72501530 Baldwin

Technical Data :

Features: Anti-Drainback Pipe, Post Seal Required. Fuel filter for diesel applications..

Work On Several Tractors Model As Following : 

Agco - 2500 Combine, 8450 Windrower, 8775, 8785, 9735, 9745, 9755, 9765, 9775, 9785, C62 Combine, DT160, DT180, DT200, DT220, DT225, R42 Combine, R52 Combine, R62 Combine, RT115, RT130, RT145, RT95 Bobcat - 980 Loader Case Inter Harvester - 1085B Indust/Const, 1085C Indust/Const, 1086B Indust/Const, 1088 Indust/Const, 1150E Crawler, 1150G Crawler, 1150H Crawler, 1155E Crawler, 1187C Feller Buncher, 1550 Crawler, 1620 Combine, 1640 Combine, 1644 Combine, 1650K Indust/Const, 1660 Combine, 1666 Combine, 1670 Combine, 1680 Combine, 1688 Combine, 1800 Cotton Picker, 1822 Cotton Picker, 1840 Skid Steer, 1844 Cotton Picker, 1845C Skid Steer, 1850K Crawler, 200, 2022 Cotton Picker, 2044 Cotton Picker, 2055 Cotton Picker, 2096, 2144 Combine, 2155 Cotton Picker, 2166 Combine, 2188 Combine, 2344 Combine, 2366 Combine, 2377 Combine, 2388 Combine, 2555 Cotton Picker, 450B Crawler, 450C Crawler, 455C Crawler, 480E Indust/Const, 480ELL Indust/Const, 480F Indust/Const, 480FLL Indust/Const, 4T-390 Eng, 5120, 5130, 5140, 5220, 5230, 5240, 5250, 550 Crawler, 550E Crawler, 550G Crawler, 550H Crawler, 580K Indust/Const, 580L Indust/Const, 580SE Indust/Const, 580SK Indust/Const, 584E Indust/Const, 585E Indust/Const, 586E Indust/Const, 590 Indust/Const, 6000 Windrower, 621 Loader, 621B Loader, 650 Indust/Const, 6500 Windrower, 650G Crawler, 650H Crawler, 680K Indust/Const, 680L Indust/Const, 6831TA Power Unit, 688 Excavator, 6T-590 Eng, 6T-830 Eng, 6TA-590 Eng, 6TA-830 Eng, 7110, 7120, 7130, 7140, 7150, 7210, 721B Loader, 721C Loader, 721CXR Loader, 721CXT Loader, 721l Loader, 7220, 7230, 7240, 7250, 750H Crawler, 750K Crawler, 760 Trencher, 780C Indust/Const, 780D Indust/Const, 821 Indust/Const, 821B Indust/Const, 821C Indust/Const, 821CXR Indust/Const, 850 Crawler, 850D Crawler, 850E Crawler, 850G Crawler, 850H Crawler, 855D Crawler, 855E Crawler, 880D Indust/Const, 8820 Windrower, 8825 Windrower, 8825HP Windrower, 8830 Windrower, 8840 Windrower, 8850 Windrower, 8910, 8920, 8930, 8940, 8950, 9010 Indust/Const, 9010B Excavator, 9020 Excavator, 9020B Excavator, 9030 Excavator, 9030B Excavator, 9040 Excavator, 9040B Excavator, 9045B Excavator, 9110, 9130, 9210, 9230, 9240, 9310, 9330, CPX420 Cotton Picker, Magnum 255, MX180, MX200, MX210, MX220, MX230, MX240, MX255, MX270, MX285, SPX4260 Sprayer, W11B Loader, W14B Loader, W14C Loader, W36 Loader (above s/n 17754000) Challenger - SP110 Windrower, SP165 Windrower, SP80 Windrower Deutz-Allis - 6240, 6250, 6250V, 6260, 6260F, 6260L, 6265, 6275, 6275F, 6275L Dresser - 100G Crawler, 125G Crawler, 150 Series A Mobile Crane, 150F Series A Mobile Crane, 200 Crawler, 512 Loader, 515B Loader, 515C Loader, 515CH Loader, 518B Loader, 520B Loader, 520C Loader, 520CH Loader, 525 Loader, 530 Loader, 532 Loader, 538 Loader, 540 Loader, 542 Loader, 625E LC Hydraulic Excavator, 635E LC Hydraulic Excavator, 645 Hydraulic Excavator, 645LC Hydraulic Excavator, 708 Static - Tandem Roller, 710 Static - Tandem Roller, 712 Static - Tandem Roller, 714 Static - Tandem Roller, 830 Articulated Motor Grader, 850 Motor Grader, 870 Motor Grader, A450E Motor Grader, A500E Motor Grader, A550 Motor Grader, A566E Motor Grader, A600 Motor Grader, A606 Motor Grader, D240T Eng, D359T Eng, TD12B Crawler Tractor, TD15 Crawler Tractor, TD15C Crawler Tractor, TD15E Crawler Tractor, TD7G Crawler Tractor, TD7H Crawler Tractor, TD8G Crawler Dozer, TD8H Crawler Tractor, VOS66A Articulated Vibratory Soil Compactor, VOSD66A Articulated Vibratory Soil Compactor, W625E Wheeled Excavator, W635E Wheeled Excavator Ford New Holland - 9352 Windrower, DC180 Dozer, DC80 Dozer, EC125 Excavator, EC130 Excavator, EC160 Excavator, EC215 Excavator, EC270 Excavator, LW160 Wheel Loader, LW170 Wheel Loader, LW190 Wheel Loader, LW230 Wheel Loader, SF550 Sprayer JCB - 456 HT Loader, 456 ZX Loader, 456B Loader, 714 Dump Truck, 718 Dump Truck, Fastrac 185-65, Fastrac 3185 Komatsu - CD60R-1A Crawler Dumper, D31E-20 Crawler, D31EX Crawler, D31EX-21 Crawler, D31P-20 Crawler, D31P-20A Crawler, D31PX-21 Crawler, D37-5 Crawler, D37EX-21 Crawler, D37PX-21 Crawler, D39EX-21 Crawler, D39EX-21A Crawler, D39PX-21 Crawler, D41A-6 Crawler, D41E-6 Crawler, D41E-6C Crawler, D41P-6 Crawler, D41P-6C Crawler, D61EX-12 Crawler, D61PX-12 Crawler, D61PX-15 Crawler, DX37EX-21A Crawler, GD530A-1 Grader, GD555-3 Grader, GD650-1 Grader, GD650A-2 Grader, GD670-1 Grader, GD670A-2 Grader, GD670A-2C Grader, GD670AW-2C Grader, PC100-6 Excavator, PC120-6 Excavator, PC120LC-6 Excavator, PC128US-1 Excavator, PC128US-2 Excavator, PC128UU-1 Excavator, PC128UU-2 Excavator, PC130-6 Excavator, PC138US-2 Excavator, PC138USLC-2 Excavator, PC150-6 Excavator, PC150-6K Excavator, PC150LC-6 Excavator, PC150LC-6K Excavator, PC158US-2 Excavator, PC158USLC-2 Excavator, PC160-6K Excavator, PC160LC-7 Excavator, PC160LC-7EO Excavator, PC160LC-7K Excavator, PC180LC-6K Excavator, PC180NLC-6K Excavator, PC200 Excavator, PC200-6 Excavator, PC200-6A Excavator, PC200-6B Excavator, PC200-7 Excavator, PC200-7B Excavator, PC200LC-6 Excavator, PC200LC-7 Excavator, PC200LC-7B Excavator, PC200LL-6 Excavator, PC200LL-7 Excavator, PC200Z-6 Excavator, PC200Z-6LE Excavator, PC210-6 Excavator, PC210-7 Excavator, PC210-7K Excavator, PC210LC-6 Excavator, PC210LC-7 Excavator, PC210LC-7K Excavator, PC210NLC-7K Excavator, PC220-6 Excavator, PC220-7 Excavator, PC220-8 Excavator, PC220LC-6 Excavator, PC220LC-7 Excavator, PC220LC-8 Excavator, PC220LL-7 Excavator, PC228US-1 Excavator, PC228US-2 Excavator, PC228US-3 Excavator, PC228USLC-1 Excavator, PC228USLC-2 Excavator, PC228USLC-3 Excavator, PC228UU-1 Excavator, PC230-6 Excavator, PC230NHD-7 Excavator, PC230NHD-7K Excavator, PC240NLC-7 Excavator, PC270-7 Excavator, PC270LC-6 Excavator, PC270LC-6LE Excavator, PC270LC-6MH Excavator, PC270LC-7 Excavator, PC270LC-7MH Excavator, PC270LL-7 Excavator, PC300HD-6 Excavator, PC300HD-6 MH Excavator, PC300HD-6LE Excavator, PC300LC-5 Excavator, PC300LC-6 Excavator, PC300LL-6 Excavator, PC308USLC-3 Excavator, PC75UU-3 Excavator, PW200-7 Wheel Excavator, WA120-1 Loader, WA150-5 Loader, WA150L-5 Loader, WA180-1 Loader, WA180-3 Loader, WA180-3D Loader, WA180PT-3 Loader, WA200-5 Loader, WA200-5L Loader, WA200L-5 Loader, WA200PT-5L Loader, WA250 Loader, WA250-5 Loader, WA250PT-5 Loader, WA270-3 Loader, WA320-1 Loader, WA320-3 Loader, WA320-5 Loader, WA320-5L Loader, WA320PT-5 Loader, WA380-1 Loader, WA380-3 Loader, WA380H Loader, WA420-1 Loader, WA420-3 Loader, WA420-3CS Loader Massey Ferguson - 5140 Windrower, 8570 Combine, 8780 Combine, 9240Terex - HC60 CraneValmet - 500T Harvester W /6BTA5.9 Eng, 603 Multi -purpose Carrier, 640 Forwarder, 646 Forwarder Versatile - 256, 276, 276 Series II W /4BT3.9 Eng, 9184, 9282Volvo - EC140 Excavator, EC150 Excavator, EC210 Excavator, EC240 Excavator, EC290 Excavator, EC290NLC Excavator, EW130 Excavator, EW170 Excavator, EW180 Excavator, G60 Motor Grader, G66 Motor Grader, G710 Motor Grader, G710 VHP Motor Grader, G716 VHP Motor Grader, G720 Motor Grader, G720 VHP Motor Grader, G726 VHP Motor Grader, G730 Motor Grader, G730 VHP Motor Grader, G736 VHP Motor Grader, G80 Motor Grader, G86 Motor GraderWhite - 6124, 6145



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