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 This Is An AFTERMARKET PRODUCT , NOT OEM , Though Aftermarket Products Matches and sometimes Exceed the quality and performance of OEM Parts We Ship from the USA , Warehouses Located in MN , FL , CA , PA ,TX And CANADA 

 The Product You Are Buying is :

 Quality Tractor Fuel Filter FF2000, 3702815M1 Baldwin /strong>

Match The Following OEM Part Numbers :

 3702815M1 Baldwin

Technical Data :


Work On Several Tractors Model As Following : 

Agco - ST35 Compact Tractor, ST35H Compact Tractor, ST35X Compact Tractor, ST40 Compact Tractor, ST40H Compact Tractor, ST40X Compact Tractor, ST45 Compact Tractor, ST45H Compact Tractor, ST47A Compact Tractor, ST52A Compact Tractor, ST55 Compact Tractor, ST60A Compact TractorBranson - 4520 Case Inter Harvester - CX47 Excavator, D40 Compact Tractor, D45 Compact Tractor, DX40 Compact Tractor, DX45 Compact Tractor, DX60 Compact Tractor, Farmall 50, Farmall 55, Farmall 60, Farmall DX48, Farmall DX55, VDX40 Challenger - MT265, MT275, MT285 Hydro, MT285B, MT295, MT295B, MT297, MT297B Ford New Holland - 1900 Compact Tractor, 1910 Compact Tractor, 1920 Compact Tractor, 3415 Compact Tractor, Boomer 3040, Boomer 3045, Boomer 3050, Boomer 4055, Boomer 4060, Boomer 8N, T2310 Compact Tractor, T2320 Compact Tractor, T2330 Compact Tractor, T2410 Compact Tractor, T2420 Compact Tractor, TC35 Compact Tractor, TC35A Compact Tractor, TC35D Compact Tractor, TC35DA Compact Tractor, TC40 Compact Tractor, TC40A Compact Tractor, TC40D Compact Tractor, TC40DA Compact Tractor, TC45 Compact Tractor, TC45A Compact Tractor, TC45D Compact Tractor, TC45DA Compact Tractor, TC48DA Compact Tractor, TC55DA Compact Tractor John Deere - 1070 Compact Tractor, 1600 Riding Mower, 1620 Riding Mower, 3215 Turf Mower, 3225B Turf Mower, 3235 Turf Mower, 3235A Turf Mower, 3235B Turf Mower, 4475 Skid Steer, 4500 Compact Tractor, 4510 Compact Tractor, 4600 Compact Tractor, 4610 Compact Tractor, 4700 Compact Tractor, 4710 Compact Tractor, 50 Excavator, 5575 Skid Steer, 6675 Skid Steer, 7775 Skid Steer, 870 Compact Tractor, 955 Compact Tractor, 970 Compact Tractor, 990 Compact Tractor KIOTI - DK35, DK40, DK45, DK45S, DK50, DK50C, DK50SEH, LB2202, LB2204, LB2214, LB2614, LK2554, LK3052, LK3054, LK3504 Komatsu - PC15-1 Excavator, PC15-2 Excavator, PC15-3 Excavator, PC20-7 Excavator, PC25-1 Excavator, PC25R-8 Excavator, PC27R-8 Excavator, PC28UU-2 Excavator, PC30-7 Excavator, PC30-8 Excavator, PC30R-8 Excavator, PC35R-8 Excavator, PC35R-8E Excavator, PC40 Excavator, PC40-7 Excavator, PC40MRX-1 Excavator, PC40R-8 Excavator, PC45 Excavator, PC45-1 Excavator, PC45R-8 Excavator, PC50UU-2 Excavator, PC58UUX Excavator, SK815-5 Skid Steer, WA20-1 Loader, WA30-5 Loader, WA50-3 Loader Kubota - D1101 Eng, D1102 Eng, D1301 Eng, D1302 Eng, D1402 Eng, KH151 Excavator, KH191 Excavator, L2250DT, L2250F, L235, L2550DT, L2550DTGST, L2550F, L2550TOW, L2650DT, L2650DTGST, L2650DTWET, L2650F, L275, L2850DT, L2850DTGST, L2850F, L2900DT, L2900DTGST, L2900F, L2950DT, L2950DTGST, L2950DTWET, L2950F, L3010DT, L3010F, L3010GST, L3010HST, L3130DT, L3130F, L3130GST, L3130HST, L3250DT, L3250F, L3300DT, L3300DTGST, L3300F, L3350DT, L3410DT, L3410GST, L3410HST, L3430DT, L3430GST, L3430HST, L3430HSTC, L3450DT, L3450DTGST, L3450DTWET, L3450F, L35 Indust/Const, L3540GST, L3540GST3, L3540HST, L3540HST3, L3540HSTC, L3540HSTC3, L355SS, L3600DT, L3600DTC, L3600DTGST, L3600DTGSTC, L3650DT, L3650DTGST, L3650DTWET, L3650F, L3710DT, L3710DTHSTC, L3750, L3750DT, L3830DT, L3830F, L3830GST, L3830HST, L39 Indust/Const, L3940DT, L3940DT3, L3940GST, L3940GST3, L3940HST, L3940HST3, L3940HSTC, L3940HSTC3, L405, L4150, L4150DT, L4150DTN, L4200DT, L4200DTC, L4200DTGST, L4200DTGSTC, L4200F, L4200FC, L4200FGST, L4240DT, L4240DT3, L4240GST, L4240GST3, L4240HST, L4240HST3, L4240HSTC, L4240HSTC3, L4300DT, L4300F, L4310DT, L4310DTGST, L4310DTGSTC, L4310DTHST, L4310DTHSTC, L4310F, L4330DT, L4330GST, L4330HST, L4330HSTC, L4350DT, L4400DT, L4400F, L4400H, L45 Indust/Const, L4600DT, L4600F, L4600H, L4610DTGST, L4610DTHST, L4610DTHSTC, L4630DT, L4630GST, L4630GSTC, L4630HST, L4740GST, L4740GST3, L4740HST, L4740HST3, L4740HSTC, L4740HSTC3, L48 Indust/Const, L4850DT, L5030GST, L5030HST, L5030HSTC, L5450DT, M4700, M4700DT, M4800SUDF, M4800SUF, M4900, M4900DT, M4900SU, M4900SUDT, M5400, M5400DT, M5400DTN, M5700, M5700DT, M5700DTN, M5700HD, M59 Indust/Const, MX4700DT, MX4700F, MX4700H, MX5000DT, MX5000F, MX5000SU, MX5100DT, MX5100F, MX5100H, SQ1140-USA Generator, SQ1200-USA Generator, SQ3170-USA Generator, SQ3250-USA-SW Generator, V1502 Engine, V1702B Engine, V1902B Engine, V1903 Engine, V2203 EngLandini - Mistral 50, Mistral 40, Mistral 45Mahindra - 4510, 5010 Massey Ferguson - 1125 Compact Tractor, 1140 Compact Tractor, 1145 Compact Tractor, 1240 Compact Tractor, 1250 Compact Tractor, 1260 Compact Tractor, 1433 Compact Tractor, 1547, 1552, 1643, 1648, 1652, 1655 Lawn/Garden Tractor, 1660MCCORMICK - GX40, GX40H, GX45, GX45H, GX50, GX50HMontana - 2740, 3240, 3440HST Yanmar - 3TN82E Engine, 3TN82TE Engine, 3TN84E Engine, 3TNE84-G1A Engine, 3TNE84-G2A Engine, 3TNE84-SA Engine, 3TNE84T Engine, 3TNE88-G1A Engine, 3TNE88-SA Engine, 4TN82E Engine, 4TN82TE Engine, 4TN84E Engine, 4TN84TE Engine, 4TNE84-G1A Engine, 4TNE84-G2A Engine, 4TNE84T Engine (2.0L), 4TNE88-G1A Engine, 4TNE88-SA Engine (2.2L), 4TNE88.3G Engine, B27 Excavator, B27-2 Excavator, B37 Excavator w /3TNE84E Eng, B37 Excavator w /3TNE88 Eng, B37-2 Excavator w /3TNE84E Eng, B37-2 Excavator w /3TNE88 Eng, B37-2A Excavator, B37-2B Excavator, B50 Excavator w /4TN84E Eng, B50 Excavator w /4TNE88B Eng, B50-2 Excavator w/4TNE88B Eng, CA385EG Combine, D27AX Engine, D27AY Engine, D36A Engine, D36AX Engine, D36AY Engine, F320, F32EX, F360, F37EX, F420, F42EX, V2-1 Loader, V2-2 Loader, V3-3 Loader, V3-5 Loader, V4-3 Loader, V4-5 Loader, Vio40 Excavator, Vio40-2 Excavator, Vio50 Excavator w /4TNE88 Eng, Vio50-1 Excavator, VIO50-2 Excavator, YB231, YB251, YB281, YB401, YB451, YEG12SL Generator, YEG15TL Generator, YEG16SL Generator, YEG22SH Generator, YEG22SL Generator, YEG30SH Generator, YEG30TH Generator, YEG30TL Generator, YEG36SH Generator, YEG40TH Generator, YEG50TH Generator



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