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John Deere In-Frame Engine Overhaul Kit for 4.270 Diesel, 400 Series engine. 4 Cyl, Except BlockNumber R46350, R46430, R40910. Standard Bore: 4.25½ (108mm), Pin: 1.50½ (38mm). Kit contains: Piston Liner Kit, Connecting Rod Bearing, Upper Gasket Set, Pan Gasket. Fits Models: 500, 500A, 500B, 3010, 3020. 4 CYL. EXCEPT BLOCK Number R46350, R46430, R40910 Bore: 4.25" 108mm, Pin: 1.50", 38mm Associated Items : A-AR40155Sealing Ring Kit, Liner4 A-AR40485Crankshaft1 A-AR50781Injector, Pencil4 A-AR65502Rings, Piston4 A-H80753Retainer, Piston Pin8 A-OK4163Major Engine Overhaul Kit A-RE11410Rotator, Valve4 A-RE23163Piston4 A-R26115Plug, Camshaft1 A-R26123Valve, Exhaust4 A-R26124Valve, Intake4 A-R26125Spring, Valve8 A-R26342Follower, Camshaft8 A-R28654Guide, Valve8 A-R32050Liner, Cylinder4 A-R40223Cap, Valve4 A-R43680Insert, Intake Valve4 A-R43681Insert, Exhaust Valve4 A-R44161Pin, Piston 1.50"4 A-R44174Valve, Intake4MODELS : Engine Overhaul Kits > 4.270 Diesel, 400 Series John Deere INDUSTRIAL/CONSTRUCTION: 500 (SN < 280000 EARLY POWER BOOSTER, 4.270 4 John Deere INDUSTRIAL/CONSTRUCTION: 500A (SN < 280000 EARLY POWER BOOSTER, 4.270 John Deere INDUSTRIAL/CONSTRUCTION: 500B (SN < 280000 EARLY POWER BOOSTER, 4.270 John Deere TRACTOR: 3010 (SN < 280000 EARLY POWER BOOSTER, 4.270 4CYL ENG) John Deere TRACTOR: 3020 (SN < 280000 EARLY POWER BOOSTER, 4.270 4CYL ENG).. more. .


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